Uganda Charity Trust Fund - Helping Children Through Education & Sport

Why Education?

The value of education is undisputed the world over. However, there remain thousands of children in most countries across the world that are still denied the right. Uganda is one of those countries. Even with commendable efforts by the government to reduce the barriers of entry, the costs of education mean countless children still go through their childhood without going to school.

Our reasoning is straightforward. We believe every child has the right to an education. Simple. However, we don't just believe they have a right to any old education; they have a right to a high quality, uninterrupted and comprehensive education. An education that really is, as one of our members so brilliantly described, 'a passport to a better future'.

  • Guarantee a quality and uninterrupted education to all our members.
  • Give every member an education that will provide the foundations for a better future.
  • Reward hard work and commitment with continued support right through to higher education and beyond.
  • Encourage and guide our members to realise and fulfill their potential.
  • 'Produce highly educated and motivated young people capable of inspiring others.'

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