Uganda Charity Trust Fund - Helping Children Through Education & Sport


We have got this far because of the generous support of a diverse range of people offering a wide range of skills, knowledge and resources. We need this support to continue and grow. We are not a big international organization; we are small, dynamic and motivated. We are not going to change the world, we never tried, but what we are doing is drastically and vigorously changing the lives of some of the most deserving children in Uganda.

Dont Just Give, Give Better

Financial Donations

We welcome donations of any size at anytime. We are going through a phase of real change and with it, growth. We currently have, on top of our annual spending on scholarships and sport, some major funding drives. Firstly, our ambitious plan to extend our scholarships into further education, and secondly, the building of our very own Youth Centre in Mbale.

Skills and Time

We are a small team and rely of the generosity of our friends and supporters to enable us to do all the work that is needed. If you are in the UK or Uganda you can help. A major benefit of our dynamic structure means we can, if it is in line with our objectives, incorporate all sorts of skills and resources. So, if you want to get involved please just get in touch and I am sure we can develop and create opportunities for you and our members.

We are always looking for skilled and qualified volunteers. From coaches to IT specialist, from teachers to chefs or plumbers you can make an impact whether it's at home or abroad.

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