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Higher Education: The Final Piece Of The Puzzle

Why Higher Education?

We see it as the final piece to the puzzle. Unfortunately, the reality is that a basic school education is not enough to compete for employment in Uganda. Whilst it lays a great foundation, it is not comprehensive or wholly relevant when competing for the jobs that exist in the current environment.

We believe if we apply our same approach to higher education we have an opportunity to give our members the important skills and qualifications that will ensure they are highly competitive in the job market. Whilst we recognise that university is the right route for some, we also understand that for others a more practical pathway, focusing on practical skills, is more appropriate.

In light of this understanding we aim to offer scholarships to both university and vocational institutes. We champion the ideas of childhood, however, we believe a happy childhood will only be remembered as such by a successful adulthood.

Whilst in the early stages of our programme we emphasise the importance of play, as our members become young adults we believe it is vital that our work has a sharper edge. We see Higher education scholarships as the central pillar of a new focus on careers and employment and the key to giving us, as well as our members, that edge.

How it looks in the next 5 years

It costs £2,500 to send one person to a top university for 3 years. It costs up to £1,000 to send one person through two years of training at a recognised vocational institute. The costs below are for the full course of education. For example, £15,000 will pay for 6 people to study for 3 years at University.



We are looking for committed sponsors to join us on this endeavor. It is vital that we secure the funding for the full scholarship programme before we offer it to ensure that each scholarship has a completion guarantee.

This means we would like secure commitments spread over a minimum of 3 years. Every 3 three commitment we secure will stand as a complete University or Vocational scholarship. This is an opportunity to have a direct and personal impact on the life of a child who would otherwise only be able to dream of such opportunities.


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