Uganda Charity Trust Fund - Helping Children Through Education & Sport

Chris Maguire is Running the Marathon

Hey everyone, I've successfully secured my place in the London Marathon 2013.  I am looking to raise over £10,000 pounds for the Uganda Charity Trust Fund who look to transform the lives of young children through education and sport as well as offering scholarships for them to pursue excellence.

Uganda Charity Trust Fund aims to:

  • ~ Guarantee a quality and uninterrupted education to all our members.
  • ~ Give every member an education that will provide the foundations for a better future
  • ~ Reward hard work and commitment with continued support right through to higher education and beyond.
  • ~ Encourage and guide members to realise and fulfill their potential.
  • ~ Produce highly educated and motivated young people capable of inspiring others.
  • ~ Raising this money will make a huge difference and could pay for scholarships for children, supporting them and providing them with the means to be able to study and have an education as well as play sport.

With your help I hope together we can reach this target.

Please visit my Just giving donation page to donate,


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