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December 2012

Plenty of things have been happening in UCTF this past season, and we are very excited to begin the last month of 2012 with great enthusiasm and with visions for 2013 to become a year of even more successes than 2012 has brought us.

Jaz reports from his latest trip:

I usually have my autumn trip to Uganda in September, so it was with great anticipation I went a bit later this year the 22nd – 30th October 2012.

School and stadium tour

My agenda was full as I wanted to visit as many schools and projects we are running at the moment as possible, and I managed to pack a great many visits into my tight schedule.

Lugogo Stadium, which has been “home” for UCTF from the very beginning, is under new management, and I met the manager, who has agreed for us to have tennis courts for our holiday programme at no charge. We donated 2 tennis nets and through him we are currently negotiating sponsorship to the charity from Coca Cola.

I also had a meeting with the deputy head at one of our boarding schools Busoga College Mwiri. He confirmed the UCTF rules and regulations, which they have been enforcing. (UCTF children have previously been leaving the grounds when not supposed to or they often play cricket when they are supposed to study for their exams) This ensures more discipline for the children and better structure for them to produce good exam results.

On the way back from Mbale to Kampala I visited all UCTF children of Mukono Parents School and St. Lawrence Senior Secondary School. I also visited Naguru Infant School and spent the morning with Sister Rose, who runs the school discussing education, pastoral care and how the children's development is taken well care of. All UCTF children received a track suit.

Getting the Mbale centre running

I was very excited on this trip, because the refurbishment of our new premises in Mbale had reached the final stages ready to be operational. The contractor and I spent a whole day to ensure the rest of the work could be completed. I also had a mentoring session with our staff in Mbale: Joshua, Shem, the Matron and Henry, to ensure that the full operation of Mbale is ready. By this time next year we want Mbale to be the UCTF hub of Mbale, where children will have computer facilities, assistance with homework and house 12 of our orphaned children. In Mbale I also went to Grace Primary School and Mbale Senior Secondary School to visit the children.

Future Structure of UCTF

I met with all the Uganda staff back in Kampala, and we discussed the structure of UCTF in Uganda, fundraising in Uganda and the mentoring structure. Lately we have been working a lot on the structure of the charity and ensuring that efficient processes are put in place which ensures less money for administration and more money for the children's education and development.

I met the boys and the girls’ cricket team’s managers, coaches and players as they would like a more formal structure of the teams regarding, training, matches, kit etc. Roles and responsibilities were given and here too, we have ensured more efficient processes, so work flow will be much more efficient.

Results from the children

The UCTF sports achievements are continuing the successful path. The same is the case with educational and employment results.

  • All A-Level students qualified for university and vocational studies again
  • 100% of primary school leavers get Division 1
  • 4 children out of 6 got jobs when I was in Uganda (One of the companies employed is Volcanoes Safaris, who were kind donors of one of the Annual Dinner auction prizes)
  • The boys' cricket team finished as no. 4 in the National League
  • The girls' cricket team were crowned T20 winners.
  • And the girls' extraordinary performance this year has showered them with awards at the UCA (Uganda Cricket Association) End-of-Season ceremony. Apart from the awards below, they were also awarded 1,000,000/- for wining the National league:

- Most Valued Player: Ritah Nyangendo
- Best bowler: Flavia Laker
- Best wicket keeper: Barbra Mukankusi
- Best fielder: Scovia Akello

  • In our last newsletter we told about our tennis sensation David Oringa. After winning Uganda Open in the Summer, he has been confirming his status in a variety of tournaments:

- Reached the finals in Tanzania Open
- Won the Men's Double in Tanzania Open
- Reached quarter finals in the ITF tournament in Rwanda
- Received his first ITF point.


We have been having very successful this Autumn in fundraising activities. Our Curry Evening, Squash Marathons and in particular the Annual Dinner the 15th November was a roaring success with the Annual Dinner raising over £70,000. This enable us to look forward to 2013 with enthusiasm and reassurance that this year will be even more successful.

Run the Brighton Marathon and raise money for UCTF

We will particularly focus more on more fundraising activities in 2013. We have been fortunate enough to have tickets for the Brighton Marathon, which we will offer to those who are keen marathon runners and wish to help support UCTF. Brighton Marathon 2013 will be the biggest to date, and it will be a memorable experience and challenge. Please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We would love to hear from you if you have other ideas for a fundraising event.. It may be another marathon, a cocktail party or sports tournament. If you are keen to raise money, please feel free to make your own online fundraising page at Just Giving or contact Mette at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . She will support you and give you all the tools you need.

If you want to support Uganda Charity Trust Fund without any particular event in mind, whether you'd like to create a one-off donation or monthly, you can do that in a couple of clicks when following this link. We are now registered at Virgin Money Giving As an alternative to Just Giving, we are now registered at Virgin Money Giving. They do not charge subscription, and if you want to donate, you have a larger selection of payment methods available than Just Giving. 

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