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Skills Training Week

From the 15th to the 18th of April, twenty charity members participated in a skills training programme at UCTF’s headquarters in Naguru, Kampala. Under the instruction of Rusia Orikiriza and her team, the kids learnt two income-generating skills: candle-making, and the production of liquid soap.

When they had all made their own products, they were also taught about packaging, branding and marketing. Each kid left the programme with their own candles and soap, and there were some very happy stories of rapid sales in the local market!

To build on the success of the programme, UCTF has established a small production centre on the property. With all the necessary equipment here, members can bring the raw materials, create their products, and sell them locally. This could give them pocket money, or help towards the cost of food. But potentially, with appropriate guidance from the UCTF team, the kids could multiply the benefits of their training. By saving up the profits to buy their own equipment, and by passing on the appropriate skills to their relations, they could open up a valuable, sustainable stream of income for their families. We plan to buy the same equipment for the charity’s property in Mbale, and set up a centre there as well.

We would like to thank Rusia and her helpers for all their hard work. UCTF stands for the empowerment of young people through appropriate training, and we are very pleased to have found a new partner in this enterprise. We hope to collaborate with Rusia on further programmes very soon!


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