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Peter Fuller

Peter Fuller

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UCTF Members Finding Jobs

To UCTF, education is not an end in itself. Our focus has always been on preparing young people to succeed in the modern economy. We started supporting our first three children in 2001. So it’s only now that we are beginning to see a decent number of members who have passed through the whole system - and that means that we can also begin to judge how they are performing in the world of work. 

So far, we have had some brilliant results.

Victorious Mukono Parents

UCTF members are sent to a select group of high-quality boarding schools. One of these is Mukono Parents. Over the last seven years, we have developed a great relationship with Mukono Parents; at the time of writing there are 18 UCTF members studying there. It means a lot to us when the school succeeds - both in the classroom and on the sports field. 

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