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Cynthia Nambatya

“Hello, my name is Cynthia Nambatya, aged 20, and I am a student at Makerere University Business School pursing a Bachelor of Commerce. I come from a small, humble family that consists of my parents, my brother and me. I live in a Kampala suburb called Naguru.

It has been a great experience being part of UCTF. It has been a stepping-stone in my life ever since I was taken on in 2008. I never thought that I would be in university but I am pleased to say that I am here today.

Being enthusiastic, working smart, staying focused, believing in myself, career guidance and mentorship given by UCTF coupled with the financial support provided, I have been able to get to where I am and hope to reach greater heights in the future with God as my guide. When I look at where I come from, a life full of toils, having God as my leader and pieces of advice I get from my parents, friends and teachers I am encouraged to work harder to have a better life in the future and fulfill my future dreams and aspirations.

My dream is to become a professional Accountant and I hope to achieve it through excelling academically in both the bachelors degree and a professional course (ACCA) thereafter, as well as networking with people.

I humbly want to thank UCTF for the great opportunity they have given me and I pray to God to bless them and for UCTF to grow bigger and become international to help students in other areas.”

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