Uganda Charity Trust Fund - Helping Children Through Education & Sport

What We Do

UCTF is transforming the lives of some of the most disadvantaged children in Uganda through education and sport. Our commitment to individuals ensures that they grow into confident, ambitious, independent and skilled young people who are able to succeed and take Uganda forward into the future.

'Young people need to play just as hard as they work'

UCTF's approach is unique and offers its members a genuine pathway to an independent and successful life. The complex and difficult challenges facing the youth of Uganda cannot be surmounted over night; they require a long-term commitment and insightful solutions. Our level of commitment and investment in the individual is our defining element. Whilst our approach is grounded in an unwavering faith in education and sport we go way beyond the basics, offering scholarships to quality institutions that begin at primary level and run all the way through to further education and beyond.

'We can, potentially, enjoy a relationship, based on personal investment and development, for anywhere up to 17 years with our members. It is this level of commitment that ensures our members are exception'

We are not interested in survival or the ordinary, we believe in going the whole way, we pursue excellence whether it is in the classroom, workshop or on the sports field. We believe that everyone is capable of succeeding in life regardless of where they start off, all they need is the opportunity to have a go. If someone has ambition, belief and skills what's stopping them from succeeding?

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