Uganda Charity Trust Fund - Helping Children Through Education & Sport

Who We Are


  • To use education and sport as a vehicle for the empowerment and development of children.
  • To provide a support system that fosters self-belief and confidence in our members and encourages them to develop tangible goals and ambitions.
  • To commit to our members, we provide consistent and continued support throughout their education.
  • To produce confident, empowered, independent and skilled young people able to succeed in Uganda’s economy.

Company Overview

Who We Are

Founded by Jaz Karim in 2001, Uganda Charity Trust Fund (UCTF) is a child and youth development organisation aimed at giving unprivileged children in Uganda an education, and the opportunity to develop their sporting talents. The primary issues that we aim to address lie both in the personal development of our members, as well as in the infrastructure under which that development take place. We believe our unique combination offers a distinctive and effective solution to many of these issues, this powerful partnership is capable of changing attitudes, inspiring confidence and building futures.

We strive to provide support that is wholly relevant to the challenges and realities faced by young people in Uganda. We want to produce energetic, independent and skilled young people capable of excelling in today’s working environment.

What We Do

Primary and Secondary Education Scholarships

We currently sponsor 110 children into primary and secondary education. Each member is supported through his or her academics under a system of monitoring and mentoring. This system is aimed at instilling the value of hard work, independent thought and commitment. If these crucial values are encouraged at this stage we believe they will stay with them throughout their lives.

Higher Education Scholarships

We currently have 34 members studying in tertiary education. Our focus is on skills-based, career oriented courses. So nearly half of those members are at vocational institutes studying for qualifications in courses like nursing, automotive mechanics and graphic design. We also guide our undergraduates towards courses that offer good career opportunities - whether as a job-seeker or a job-creator. All UCTF alumni must be equipped with the tools to provide for themselves and their families. At the same time, by supplying the labour market with well qualified and highly motivated people, we hope to improve conditions for Ugandans everywhere. 

Sports Development

We believe that sport is a vital component of the development of young people, offering both physical and mental benefits. Our sports programme has become somewhat of a flagship for our organisation due to the numerous successes we have enjoyed. Our programme consists of building and refurbishing facilities, provision of equipment, coaching and development programmes.

We have two cricket teams, one for girls, and one for boys, both playing in the national league. We have 7 boys representing Uganda at U19 level and 2 representing Uganda at the senior level. We have produced numerous tennis players, representing Uganda at various levels, most notably at the Commonwealth Games. To date, we have refurbished and built a total of 7 tennis courts. Other aspects of our programme consist of holiday sports clinics, specifically aimed at juniors with the sole objective of promoting tennis and developing Uganda’s next generation of tennis players.

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